What we will be playing on May 5th

On our Final hometown show on May 5th at the Burlington YMCA. For the first and last time we’ll be playing songs off What Really Happened At Lovers Lane, The Fanciful, The Machines We Are and Antimacy. Get your tickets now and don’t miss out. Let’s go out with a bang!

  1. ianhasacamera said: im going to cry. for weeks.
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    Make this big! These guys deserve it. I live in United Shit Of America. Go if its in your area!
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    So happy i get the chance to see you guys again
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    I really cannot handle how excited I am to hear shit from What Really Happened at Lovers Lane & The Fanciful LIKE I’M...
  6. haunted-unwanted said: sucks this is your last show, you guys are too awesome! im gonna try super hard to make it out though. you should for sure play goodnight, quiet city, nothing is fair in love and war, honest to god, it sleeps in bliss! hope you guys have a rad time
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